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If you want to send a manuscript... Please read this first!

Q: What Kind of Material Are You Looking For?

A: H. Harksen Productions is looking for stories that are inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, the Cthulhu Mythos and just about anything else in that particular tradition, ranging from the Lovecraft Circle to present-day writers such as Thomas Ligotti, Stephen King (some of his work, anyway), W. H. Pugmire and Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan.

Other manuscripts of interest include non-fiction works on the weird tale and weird poetry (still, with the Lovecraftian in mind). You can find open Call for Submissions by clicking here. That's also where you can find specific guidelines for the individual projects, incl. word limitations.

NB! First and foremost H. Harksen Productions publishes short stories but if you honestly think you have an amazing novella or novel that is within the parametres of this imprint send the publisher an e-mail with a summary and word count. If it sounds interesting you will receive an e-mail asking about details.

Basic Demands To Manuscripts

You must submit your story in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Do not use any special-typesetting elements.

Italics, boldog underlining are acceptable. (The latter, however, only if there is a very good reason for its use in the story. Otherwise, use italics.)

Do not have any kind of weird, "cool-looking" typesetting (that includes the automatic "title settings" that come with Word), and avoid justifying paragraphs.

Do not use automatic indent. Use your TAB key on the keyword instead, thank you!

The story title is to be WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS (in other words, simply type it with your CAPS LOCK key on). If you really feel a need to have it in BOLD as well, okay, fine, feel free to do that.

If you have chapters or subtitles in the story write it in bold.

Double line shift between paragraphs, thank you. Here, again: Do not use any fancy automatic preprogramming, use your ENTER key.

Fonts: Times New Roman or Garamond, thank you. In both cases size 12, please. All text left margin (standard basic). Double-space lines are accepted, as are 1,5 and 1., as long as the rest of the guidelines are adhered to.

Make sure to write your name, post address, country and e-mail adress at the top left on the front page of the manuscript, followed by the word count. (Word count, not letter count! Huge difference.)

Please also make a short note in the e-mail body message about the word count. You're welcome to write a little about yourself and earlier publications, but you don't have to. It is the submitted story first and foremost that is evaluated.

These guidelines MUST BE MET. Otherwise your story will be rejected without ever being read. So please make sure you get this part right.

Other Requirements

Unless stated otherwise in the description to a project, the story must not have been published before.


When your great new story meets the guidelines send an e-mail to:

In the Subject Line please write PROJECT TITLE: Title of Short Story. [E.g. "HPLMYTHOS.COM #1: The Bibliophile.]

Attach the manuscript and hit "Send":-)

I look forward to reading your tale.

In the Lovecraftian Ways,
Henrik Sandbeck Harksen, publisher.


John D. Haefele:
August Derleth: The Weird Tale 1930-1971 (Opens in new browser window)

Other excerpts coming.